Bullseye Blades is a proud Canadian company specializing in Rotational and No-Spin (Instinctive) throwing knives for the Pro Competitor and beginner backyard thrower alike. Bullseye Blades knives have helped top throwers around the world earn podium level trophies in various categories including various Instinctive games, No Spin, Novice Knife, Youth Knife, Long Distance Knife, Fast Draw, and more. All Bullseye Blades are designed and manufactured in Victoria, BC. Some aspects of the manufacturing process is outsourced to other small independent US and Canadian companies to speed production and ensure and consistent high quality product, including leatherwork, water jet cutting of steel profiles, and CNC milling of synthetic handles. Grinding, heat treatment, finishing, Kydex sheath work and custom handles are all done in house by hand.


What makes Bullseye Blades unique?

All Bullseye Blades are designed for maximum performance and ease of use. Each design incorporates ergonomics and indexing/reference points for a consistent grip. On the rotational designs these include trigger grooves on the handle and spine, thumb ramps, and exposed tang on the butt of the knife. On instinctive designs there are index finger grooves located at the near the balance point, as well as a belly swell the aid in long distance throws. Also, all Bullseye Blades handles are “picture framed”, meaning the handles are held back from the edge of the tang to help protect them when you miss.

Are Bullseye Blades designs Competition legal?

YES! All my designs are intended for Competition use and meet the standards for IKTHOF, Blade Aces and more. 

I’m a new thrower, so what is the best design for me?

I always recommend the DT Comp or Sidewinder to new throwers for rotational and the Sicarii or Ronin Kunai for instinctive.

How long is your wait list?

It varies depending on the design you want. I try to cycle through my designs based on demand and steel availability. The goal plan to offer the most popular designs through this website when possible, but some designs will be limited to sprint runs and pre-sales based on steel availability. If the item you want is not in stock please join the wait list for notification of the next batch. Please keep in mind that this is a side venture for me and I work as a sommelier, and a bonsai artist, and am the loving Father of a young family, so lead times may vary, but are typically 4-6 week per batch.

What steel do you use?

It varies based on market availability, and design, but I like to use reclaimed mill saw blades when I can. I also use 5160, 6150, 1075, 80CrV2, and 8670 etc. Basically any High Carbon steel that can be heat treated reliably in house.

What finishes do you offer?

My Standard finishes are “Forge Black” on new steel, and “Wabi Sabi” on reclaimed steel, which is a beautiful pitting pattern caused buy surface rust on the old saw blades. Premium finishes include “Satin” which is surface ground clear steel (silver in colour), and “Primal” which is a grind pattern that is made to look like a flint knapped Stone knife.

Do Scales change the performance?

Yes and No. Scales add about 35g to the knife, which is marginal on most designs. On the lighter no spin knives scales can help by adding a little more weight on the handle. That being said, I prefer the extra grip and thickness scales provide.

What is the best material for scales?

This is a personal preference, but this is my take. Micarta & G10 scales offer both extreme durability and excellent consistent grip, even when wet but are more expensive. Leather scales are die cut from black thru-dyed premium Spanish leather which is durable and beautiful, and less expensive, so if you are really hard on your gear and expect to replace your scales often then leather might be the best option. Neither will hold up well to being hit by another knife, so if you throw into one bullseye I suggest not bothering with scales.

Can I buy one of your older designs I saw in your gallery or Social Media?

Yes, absolutely. I may have blanks in stock, but if not I can cut older designs and custom one off designs upon request. Pricing will vary depending on availability and quantity.

Can you make a knife to my design?

Yes, that is what I love to do most. Send me a sketch and we can work out the details.

Where can I go for more information on Knife throwing?

International Knife Thrower’s Hall of Fame (IKTHOF) ikthof.com/

Toronto Knife Throwing Organization (TKTO) thetkto.com

Blade Aces bladeaces.org