Knife Or Death

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Joel Rice

Joel Rice has been training with Ken and the Casper Dojo since 2012. Prior to that he trained with Master Jim Sams of the Sajido Academy in Atlanta Georgia.

The Knife

Season 1 second place champion Jason Johnson's entry/bio clips featured him throwing many of my blades, and in support of him I watched Season one and became inspired to apply myself. I designed the Techno SS specifically for the show with hope of competing myself.

Bulleyse Blades Techno SS


23.5” Overall Length
0.21” thick 80crV2 steel (50-52 RC)
13.5” blade with “Primal” flats with Statin bevels
10” Double Handle with Natural Canvas Micarta scales (sand blasted)
Two Tone kydex back carry sheath.
3.5* Primary Bevel with a 20* Secondary Edge Bevel
Sharpened Swedge with a 15* Bevel for heavy chopping
Balanced at the Ricasso

The blade is a modernized KAMBANTULI with more recurve and Tanto tip. The name is a nod to my past as a DJ, and ties into the naming of other blades in my line such as the Heavy Metal Hawk. It’s funky, fresh and lively, just the the music it’s named after.

The double handle allows for versatility in how the blade it utilized. Top grip for speed, bottom grip for reach and power, and two handed for extreme power. The blade geometry allows for clean slices without sacrificing durability and edge retention, and the sharpened swedge is deigned to act like an axe for heavy duty chopping.

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