Throwing Knives:

Bullseye Blades Throwing Knives are made to withstand the abuse of throwing, but there is a slight possibility one may fail during regular use. Bends and breaks are covered and repair, replacement (if available), or credit for the original purchase value will be provided at my discretion. Tips (first ½”), chips and handles and hardware are not covered.



1. The Customer must send the broken item back for inspection. This helps me establish where the issue occurred and how to remedy it in the future

2. The Customer is responsible for shipping expenses both way.

3. The Customer must send photos of the target and range

4. Bullseye Blades reserves the right to refuse replacement if the item appears to have been used or abused in a way other than intended (ie pry bar, thrown at or over concrete etc)

I would be happy to provide restoration services if required, and generally will not charge depending in the work required, but ask that the Customer cover the shipping costs. Please contact me with photos of the work you would like done for more information

International Shipments

International orders are are often scrutinized by Border Services/Customs, but generally have been accepted to most countries without issue. The Customer is responsible for all taxes/duties/brokerage/import fees/etc. The Customer is responsible for knowing the local laws prior to placing the order, and Bullseye Blades cannot be held accountable for items seized by Customs. All Orders are shipped with insurance for the value of the product(s) and marked return-to-sender should any issues occur.  If your order has not been received by stated delivery time (refer to Canada Post) please contact me to start the claims process.


The sport of Knife throwing is inherently dangerous and should be performed under guidance from a trained professional. Refer to Safety Tips for some way to help mitigate the risk.

The Customer warrants that he/she is over the age of 18 and in compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations regarding the use of items sold by Bullseye Blades. The Customer assumes full responsibility and expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bullseye Blades for any and all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the use of items sold by Bullseye Blades.