Knife Blanks

These are DIY pre-cut pre-heat treated profiles. If you have every wanted to try and make your own knife or thrower this is the best place to start. 

All blanks are cut from high grade steel from industrial mill saw blades, or 8670.

No heat treatment is required unless noted otherwise.

Some are partially finished (countersunk holes/surfaced/profiled) and some are straight out of the blade and are priced accordingly. 

Sold in Sets of 3 unless otherwise noted. If you want more than 3 message me to confirm availability as I often have spares of each design beyond the listed amount. 

Blanks are approximately 7/32" (5.6mm) thick unless noted otherwise. 

Handles can be purchased separately and include hardware. 

Tips for finishing:

Use a vinegar bath (12-24 hours) and a wire brush to remove minor surface rust

Keep the blade cool while grinding by dipping in water. If you overheat the steel to the point of discolouration you will ruin the heat treat. 

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