Trapper Fast Draw Throwing Knife

Trapper Fast Draw Throwing Knife

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The Trapper was designed from the ground up to be be fastest knife on the planet for Fast Draw Competition. The short over all length allows the thrower to be as close to the foul line as possible and throw as hard as possible but still get the mandatory 1 rotation. The relatively short blade means it is out of the sheath sooner, and the indexing points on the handle allow the thrower to grasp the knife the exact same way every time, without looking, for maximum consistency.  

Design Features

-Trigger indexing on handle  for consistent grip position and release. 

-Dull safety edge

-Blade belly fits nicely in the palm for secure grip on blade throws

 Fits Small sheaths

Length: 12"

Thickness: 3/16"

Weight: 280g+/-

Note: Prices listed are for a single knife